Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the imitation of human intelligence. This kind of technology phenomenon derives from human brains but unlike human brains, this intelligence is processed by machines, especially computer systems.

These technological machines use three steps to process such intelligence which are ; learning , reasoning and self-correction.

There are 3 phases whereby the machines stimulate the human brain. In the learning phase the machine collects information and uses a set of rules to use the collective information.

The second phase being the reasoning phase involves the machine reaching to approximate solution based on the rules established in the learning phase.

In self-correction phase , the machine compares its solution with the expected solution and modifies the rules to produce more accurate solution.

An example of this is a speak recognition system, human face recognition system, self driving car and a human touch security access system. We as human beings can categorize artificial intelligence as either strong or weak AI.

The strong AI is known as artificial general intelligence. A strong artificial intelligence system has cognitive abilities as human. That means they can find solutions in unfamiliar environments without human intervention.

The Weak AI is designed and trained for a particular task such as Apple’s Siri and virtual personal assistants.
Types of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is normally categorized into four types being reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self awareness.

Arend Hintze an assistant profession of integrative biology and computer science engineering at Michigan State University proposed these categories to make sense of the developments of AI. Artificial intelligence that can make prediction has no memory and thus cannot use past experiences falls in reactive machines category.

This is where reactive machines come in and play their purpose. The deep blue chess program developed by IBM is an example of reactive machine. Artificial intelligence with the capability of using past experiences to make future decisions fall in this category.

Self driving car is an excellent example of limited memory AI system. The AI of self driving car observe the actions happening in present and make decisions about the next move. The theory of mind term refers to the ability of understanding the beliefs, wish and intentions of other people and make decisions based on those understandings. These types of AI system do yet exist. Self-awareness is sense of self, having consciousness.

The artificial intelligence system where machines can understand their current states and can use previously stored information to infer others feelings fall in self-awareness category, this type of AI does not yet exist.

Artificial intelligence is incorporated into a variety of different types of technology some of the most well-known seven technologies being automation, machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing, robotics and self-driving car.

The problem with artificial Intelligence is that it’s much more fragmented, both technologically and in use cases, than Blockchain, making it a real challenge to condense all the information and share it meaningfully.

Likewise, I have tried to make an effort in summary of key concepts and in the compilation of interesting sources and resources, I hope it helps you as well as it did to me with understanding the dynamics of artificial intelligence.


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