The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has announced a Ground Breaking unveiling of the first ever image of Black Hole on a live stream video broadcast worldwide.

Such an incredible announcement organized by European Commission, European Research Council (ERC) as well as Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), streamed online on the ESO website by the ERC and on social media. A total of seven major conferences were held simultaneously around the globe in Belgium, Chile, China, Japan, Taiwan, US as well as South Africa in the University of Pretoria.

Professor Roger Deane, from the University of Pretoria together with his team, had worked together with other scientists and professors from different Universities across the globe researching about this black hole shadow.

So what is the Black hole shadow all about and what tools has been used by scientists that resulted in such an extraordinary discovery of a first ever image of a Black Hole shadow? According these scientists, a Black Hole is a shadow created by force of gravity discovered 500 billion kilometers away from the planet earth by the use of an “Earth-sized” Telescope, which was investigated for over a period of six months.
It has been described to be diameter of 100 billion kilometers which its image is in a form of a ring of fire.

However, it is said that it is impossible for one to see a Black Hole but its shadow like a size of ring surrounded by light or fire, which then (fire) disappears through the hole which is a size covered by a singular mathematical surface.

The surface separates the interior from the exterior (nothing from the interior can leave and be transmitted to the exterior).

Scientists also elaborated that this has been scientifically tested saying it is also a good initiative for science and it helps to create an understanding of other various forces in the galaxy.

According to the members from the EHT, the Black Hole is one of its kind, independent from other masses with a size of six and half billion times the mass of the sun.

Professor Roger Deame said this was a marvelous initiative to be involved with, and to represent South Africa saying they are looking forward to bring such unveiling to South Africans and explain it in simple terms to other people.


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