Beautiful cultural practices make us realize the importance of who we are as individuals. Culture give us identity and and a sense of belonging. It is the uniqueness of our cultures that brightens the horizon.

Leads us in time’s of questioning one’s place in an urban space, filled with an ever growing hunger of globalisation, and the question of were does our culture live? And does it belong in a changing world.

our heritage, roots , identity, colourful and rich African cultures, live in the people, the languages and practices, our artwork being coming a strong mark of who we are and where do we come from; what may seem like a simple outfit becomes the long story of our people and the people they come from. From the clans that make us and the kings that rule.

Heritage day is to celebrate who we are, who we want to be, who we come from and who we want the next generation to be; it is a link stronger and deeper then what we put on.




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