The use Robotics in various sectors in the modern world has taken a massive step as one of the major tools utilized in the technological space in the 3rd and the 4th industrial revolution.

Brain Waves Development (BWD), through its initiative of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Innovation (STEMI), continues to play its role by giving learners from high schools an opportunity to be part of its camp to learn more about Innovations of technology and the developments in the use of Robotics.

Brain Waves Development began the year of 2019 with a four day Camp for Boys from different high schools around Tshwane at Eskderde Farm in the North East of Pretoria. Robotics lessons were part of the list where fifty five learners got an opportunity to learn and be exposed to the world of Robotics designs.

The boys were divided according to their groups and be given some tasks to rebuild the dismantled robots and be precisely programmed to move a certain distance and also rich a designated area without a robot taking wrong direction.

This has been a phenomenal experience to the boys and they had showed their skills and understanding of the robotic elements.

The use of robotics is not just always about those build in a form of vehicles with wheels and be able to pick up objects, but it also involves the day to day use of different machines such a ATMs, Vendor machines amongst others which has been there over a decade.

However migration and new technology introduced has made the robotic space to be even more interesting and more innovations that technicians and scientists are coming up with on day to day across the globe.

Therefore learners from high schools in South Africa are not being left behind on these new developments; hence BWD is one of the organizations that contribute in the introduction of robots for different purposes.

This is also helps the learners to be innovative and be able to come up with new ideas that seek to resolves certain challenges within communities.

Such innovative are a direction to new career opportunities as more and more modern ways of creating jobs are coming to replace the old ways in the corporate world.

Learners are encouraged to take STEMI programs conducted by BWD as an opportunity to learn and be exposed to Innovations and guidance for their own benefits and future preparations.


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