On the 28th of March 2019 a Media Briefing was held at the CSIR campus in Pretoria where Engineer Jarrad Wright and engineer Joanne Calitz presented their energy efficiency plan for South Africa which placed its main focus around Solar PV (Plato Voltaic) and Solar panels as a form of saving electricity and finding new forms of tackling the load shedding issues we have in South Africa.

Four factors of dealing with this problem were highlighted namely being; energy efficiency, shifting electricity demand, supplying your own electricity and using other energy sources.

With regards to Energy efficiency, the factor of reducing Demands of electricity usage in households were presented towards communities to take note of the appliances they might own which may be taking way too much energy which may result to load shedding being experienced in the country.

After each household analyzing their electricity demands the platform of shifting the electricity demand then comes into place for implementation, which in most cases begins with supplying one’s own electricity such as households investing in solar panels for their household energy usages.

The question in place was how a household invests in such when they do not have money to do so, and the engineering team has promised to make the information and payment plans relatable to households that do not have the funds to have such in place for their homes.

Using other energy sources in households was highlighted as very important if South Africa intends to end their problem with struggling with shortage of electricity. Other electricity energy sources mentioned to help include generators, standby lights, LPG and other sources similar to these in our households.

As appealing as the engineering teams solutions are, they are also very costly which worries the majority as to whether this strategic plan for the country to save electricity will be successful or not.

Engineer Jarrad Wright clearly stated that the plan needs to be implemented as soon as possible in order for electricity shortage and load shedding to reduce and not be a problem or threat within South Africa.

Solar panel fields are currently also being produced in order to make power accumulation easier especially for areas whereby it’s definite there are no finances in order to actually invest in such energy efficiency demands.

These demands are currently already in place in order to increase the countries energy supply.


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