BWD collaborates with Ranyaka to promote literacy


In September 2020, as part of introducing the literacy division, Brain Waves Development (BWD) partnered with Ranyaka and asked learners across the country to critically and creatively apply their minds in addressing problems facing our world today by entering our essay writing competition.

The task was for them to select a topic from the four main categories (Climate change, Covid-19, STEM, and Sustainable Development) and tell us, in no more than 600 words what their thoughts and solutions were in tackling issues threatening our world today.

The response was great: We received 103 entries. Some entrants explained how the Covid-19 Pandemic and the global recovery from it will affect the future of sustainable development, others sunk their thoughts and debated about whether or not climate change should be taught in school and how knowledge about the climate will change the way we function in our everyday lives. Many narrated how the Covid pandemic has affected their communities while others tackled global hunger issues.

Given the option of writing in their home language, learners from the Eastern Cape took on the challenge and wrote their essays in IsiXhosa while across the land in Limpopo learners chose Sepedi as their language of choice. The effort all the learners put in their writing was impressive and the scope of ideas was inspiring. (Visit BWD and Ranyaka social media pages to view the winning essays)

“While our efforts for this competition were commendable, it would not have been as successful as it was had it not been for the Ranyaka team, “says BWD CEO, Lesego Masethe.”

Like most organizations, we were hit hard by the pandemic, most of our loxion science and climate change projects had to be put on hold and we had to find ways to still reach our learners and keep them active during the lockdown. So when the idea to run an online essay competition came about we ran with it. Ranyaka got wind of what we were attempting to do and offered to not only sponsor prizes for the competition but have their graphics and marketing team come on board to help us promote it, and boy did they deliver, she added.

Lesego worked closely with Ranyaka’s project manager, Maggie Tsotetsi, to work around logistics that were involved in running the initiative while the real magic and hard work happened behind the scenes with the partnership between BWD head of communications, Tsholo Hlaka, and Ranyaka’s head of Marketing and communications Sonya Olivier.

” there was constant communication between Sonya’s team and myself, says Tsholo. ” what I love about working with Sonya’s team is that even though they are more experienced in their field than we are, they did not try to overpower our ideas, it was always a collaborative effort. Ideas were taken from both sides to make sure we got great results,” she explained.

The selection process concluded on the 30th of November and the organisation hoped to have a prize-giving ceremony to announce the winners and hand over the cash prizes and hampers, but due to covid and social distancing regulations, the team was not able to host the ceremony so they opted to Courier the prizes and get the winners to take pictures with their package once they received it.

“Working with Ranyaka has been a great experience for the organisation we hope to collaborate on more initiates together for the benefit of our learners in South Africa,” Lesego concluded.


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