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Brain waves development (BWD) is a non-profit organisation that focuses on educational initiatives that are conducted in service to the previously disadvantaged African young learners in the public schooling sector at no cost. This affords them the opportunity to engage and interact with the field of Science physically and helps put the classroom curriculum in perspective relative to socio-economic challenges faced in the various communities. .

With such initiatives, we aim to spread the knowledge, excitement and interest of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to spark innovation and develop young black scientists who are able to identify a problem in their community, analyse data, find solutions and be able to communicate their findings effectively. .

We aim to engage the public in a celebration of our local Science community, and the way STEM helps us to better understand our and improve our world. Here we give emphasis to hands-on, enquiry-based activities, and participation in field experiences.

We also offer the industry the opportunity to interact and connect with our future scientists by showcasing various exhibitions, specialists conducting demonstrations /experiments, and speakers from various fields talking about relevant scientific topics to the community.

This flagship project takes Science from leaders in the STEM industry in the form of laboratories, universities and research institutions and places it in the heart of township and rural communities in South Africa. Termed “Loxion Science”, it creates an interactive space between inhabitants of township and rural communities and the world of Science.

Our Goal

• Engage the public with all aspects of STEM
• Strengthen connections between Science and society
• To popularise Science to the disadvantaged township and rural communities.
• To serve as a vehicle for showcasing local innovations in Science and Technology.
• To make STEM appealing to learners, such that they consider Science and Technology (SET) as preferable career options to celebrate and inspire curiosity
• To popularise STEM as attractive, stimulating, exciting and relevant to daily life and also show how it can benefit a community as a whole.
• Provide opportunities for interactions between STEM professionals and the public.
• Create a greater awareness of the Science & Technology and educational assets to our community.

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