Loxion Science Fair & Expo


The science fair is designed to encourage township learners to take part in the exciting world of science and technology, exposing them to experiences they are unlikely to see or witness in school.

The science fair gives these learners an opportunity to present their science projects and to compete on an even platform, as it is only open to township schools, where learners have limited resources that prevent them from participating in other regional science expos. It encourages them to showcase their demonstrations without feeling intimidated by learners who might have access to all the resources needed to execute a well-structured and advanced science project.

Our mission is to promote an interest in science and develop a generation of individuals who will not only function in society but thrive.

Just like with most fairs and expos, the aim is to encourage learners to participate in science, technology, mathematics, and innovation activities.

We want to develop young African scientists who are able to identify a problem, analyze data, find solutions and be able to communicate their findings effectively. To engage the public in a celebration of our local science community, and the way science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) helps us to better understand and improve our world.

Brain Waves Development has collaborated with the Eskom expo for young scientists, meaning the Loxion science fair and expo will now serve a Sub-district expo for the Eskom expo focusing on schools in the following geographical areas:

Callinan, Refilwe

Important dates to note for 2021

The loxion science fair and expo registration dates will open from 01 March – 30 April 2021
Workshops for registered learners and their projects will start on 01 April – 11 June 2021
Loxion science fair and expo will take place on 15 -16 July 2021
Regional Eskom Expo will take place in August 2021 (date to be confirmed)

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