Loxion Science Expo 2020

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August 13, 2020
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Loxion Science Expo 2020

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development is excited to host its 3rd annual Loxion Science Expo
(sponsored by Ranyaka) under the theme “THE NEW NORMAL POST COVID-19: Exploring
opportunities through STEMI.

Through the expo, we aim to encourage township learners to take part in the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Innovation. To bring to life the textbook and extend practical work beyond the classroom and to gift them with an experience that will instill a desire to journey as young budding scientists.

On the week of the Loxion Science Expo (26-30 October 2020), several companies will be exhibiting the opportunities they have found in the knowledge and application of STEMI in order to adapt to the fast-approaching new normal post-COVID-19. Unfortunately, only learners from five different schools have been chosen to attend.  All Covid-19 protocols and social distancing practices will be observed.

Due to the lockdown regulations, we cannot open the invite to all. However, those interested in the expo will have the opportunity to watch the expo from the comfort of their own homes. We invite you to join us on our social media platforms to view live streams and captured moments from the expo.

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