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The science fair is designed to encourage township learners to take part in the exciting world of science and technology, exposing them to experiences they are unlikely to see or witness in school.

The science fair gives these learners an opportunity to present their science projects and to compete on an even platform, as it is only open to township schools, where learners have limited resources that prevent them from participating in other regional science expos. It encourages them to showcase their demonstrations without feeling intimidated by learners who might have access to all the resources needed to execute a well-structured and advanced science project.

Our mission is to promote an interest in science and develop a generation of individuals who will not only function in society but thrive.

Just like with most fairs and expos, the aim is to encourage learners to participate in science, technology, mathematics, and innovation activities.

One of the fastest-growing areas of the mentoring movement is the use of mentors to get young people interested in, planning toward, and persisting in science-related educational and career opportunities. Much has been written in the last decade about the challenges South African students are having engaging in STEM subjects (those related to science, technology, engineering, and math* ) and keeping up with their peers around the world in STEM academic performance as well as the impact this achievement gap has on both scholarship and STEM industries in the country. The struggles of girls and young women, youth with disabilities, African youth, and first-generation college students to engage in and persist in STEM are also well documented, as these groups continue to remain disproportionately underrepresented in academia and the STEM workforce. . This is an issue that not only limits the career choices being considered by young South Africans, but the dilution of the talent pipeline hurts South African competitiveness in many industries. Closing these gaps in STEM engagement, performance, and representation has become an issue of national importance.

• Engage the public with all aspects of STEM
• Strengthen connections between Science and society
• To popularize Science to the disadvantaged township and rural communities.
• To serve as a vehicle for showcasing local innovations in Science and Technology.
• To make STEM appealing to learners, such that they consider Science and Technology (SET) as preferable career options to celebrate and inspire curiosity
• To popularise STEM as attractive, stimulating, exciting and relevant to daily life and also show how it can benefit a community as a whole.
• Provide opportunities for interactions between STEM professionals and the public.
• Create a greater awareness of the Science & Technology and educational assets to our community.

Our Aim

With such initiatives, we aim to spread the knowledge, excitement and interest of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to spark innovation and develop young black scientists who are able to identify a problem in their community, analyse data, find solutions and be able to communicate their findings effectively.


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